Each athlete which will take part in any athletic functions including Taekwondo tournaments are sanctioned to undertake drug testing which is to be done exclusively by their respective Anti-Doping Company which tactics the Protocol for Olympic Movement Tests.

In the past, there had been previously several athletes who have been sanctioned by the board and had been not authorized to take part in Taekwondo match for the reason that they unsuccessful this drug check. So it is a have to that each and every Taekwondo athlete ought to under no circumstances refer to the use of medicine just to improve your potentials.

Heritage of Drug Checks among Athletes:
The historical past of drug take a look at among athletes originated in the course of the Summer season Olympic Video games which will involve Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson in their 100m dash competitors. Ben Johnson crossed the finish line in a amazing finish which made him the quickest gentleman alive but this was shortly disregarded following he was positively diagnosed to have anabolic steroids in his method a 7 days immediately after the competitors.

This revelation prompted the Olympic Video game organizers to have urine drug screens on its members so as to guarantee that fairness and equality will keep on being in the competitiveness. Drugs which are prohibited to be applied by these athletes include things like stimulant medicine, beta blockers, masking agents and anabolic androgenic steroids. These medication are regarded to aid improve and greatly enhance the athletic general performance of athletes immediately after they are taken but will also consequence to numerous destructive side results which are harmful to the athletes’ health and fitness in the lengthy run.

How is the drug take a look at carried out?
The drug take a look at will consider place at any time in the course of the competition. The athlete is unaware when it will acquire area but a Doping Management representative will notify the athlete if the time for his or her drug tests has been scheduled. He or she will then be expected to comply with the policies and get there at the Doping Control Station so he or she can continue with the drug exam technique.

The Doping Control Agent will allow him or her to carry a chaperone but the athlete must keep on being in the sight of the DC consultant all in the course of the drug screening treatment.

What will come about if the athlete refuses to acquire the random doping examination?
Any athlete who refuses to get the random doping check will be duly sanctioned by the Firm in charge of the occasion and may obtain an athletic suspension of two decades these types of as what has occurred to Park Hyo Ji, a South Korean Taekwondo athlete.

How to go the necessary drug check for Taekwondo athletes?
There is no safer way to pass the urine take a look at for Taekwondo athletes than to do apply a cleanse and healthier life-style. In the close you will be the sole benefactor of your nutritious dwelling. Do not idiot your self because honour and prestige which is gained via really hard perform is usually sweeter in contrast to something obtained by means of deception. If in question, talk to the checklist of banned substances and nutritional supplements which are readily available in all location companies. Once again constantly include oneself, if you are taking some thing that is just not on the recognized list, that will not indicate it has no performance maximizing attributes. Generate to your Governing Doping Agency to get the all distinct prior to commencing a new or unidentified nutritional supplement.

Hold in mind the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo. Be real to your oath as a university student and are living the ideas of you ended up taught.


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