Nutrition and Lifestyle in Motherhood gives an overview of the most recent research findings and international recommendations on a range of nutrition-related facets and pregnancy outcomes. One of the greatest methods to assist the healthy development of an unborn baby would be to maintain a healthy nutrition or lifestyle before to and throughout pregnancy. We will examine how a balanced diet and lifestyle should ideally be attained before conception and make recommendations for preconception counselling of women.

We will also focus on the nutritional recommendations for a successful pregnancy to ensure optimal mom and baby outcomes, as well as obesity and gestational diabetes, the most prevalent nutrition-related pregnancy problems.

The learner will get the chance to dig into the cutting-edge field of epigenetic and metabolomic research and comprehend the immense impact these programming effects play in determining the long-term health and illness outcomes.

Finally, we provide real-life, everyday events and queries from pregnant women to enable healthcare providers in their counselling of pregnant women and their families on nutrition.

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