Nutrition and Physical Performance
To enhance athletic performance, proper diet is essential. Without sufficient carbs, proteins, and lipids, athletes may experience sluggishness, weariness, and voracious hunger during exercise. Athletes may also need to focus on certain vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin D, and zinc, for optimal fitness performance. Further Information

Individualized nutrition for physical exercise is essential. It is generally beneficial to contact with a sports nutritionist who can assess your particular nutritional needs and give suggestions according to your body type and amount of activity.

There is evidence that proper nutrition promotes physical activity.
While we often consider the health advantages of diet and physical exercise individually, there is evidence that combining both offers more benefits than focusing on one or the other alone.

In addition, evidence indicates that physical activity influences dietary choices, and persons who exercise may make more nutritional selections.

 Additionally, nutrition may aid in muscle repair by lowering inflammation. One study found that those with higher levels of physical activity and antioxidant consumption had lower levels of systemic inflammation. 3

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